About Life An Opportunity

LAO is fruit of blessings & guidance of Enlightened Souls who touched best possible heights of humanity. LAO’s founders have an idea to share happiness among the human beings in many dimensions of life. It is very helpful to increase Happiness Index or Gross National Happiness of India. LAO have designed their programs especially for foundation of New India i.e. Our Children & Youth.
Life starts from the first day of mother’s pregnancy to last moment of the death of body, LAO has covered all important factors that impact our life such as preparation of becoming parents, parental tips, innate evaluation of child, effective education, career selection, self-introduction, positive approach towards life’s incidents, relationship in different roles, partner selection & appropriate life assessment, In short LAO shares Mantra Of Happiness to make Life an opportunity to know;
If you masked yourself in fear, complication, worry, anxiety, insecurities, self-doubt, mental hurry and self-loathing, DO ADOPT MENTAL PROGRAMMING OF LAO. We recommend to choose LAO’s programming and it’s quite possibly the most valuable piece of information needed to live a happy life.

Foundation of LAO

Mr. Nitin N Nagar

It’s an initiative taken by Nitin N Nagar who is Innate Evaluator, Relationship Mender, Fingerprint Expert, Transformational Speaker & Aura Cleaner having 18 years of self realized research experience in the field of cosmic energy. He hails from an ordinary farmer family and have touched the hearts of thousands of people sharing his feelings and citations. Many individuals have been inspired and motivated after listening to him. He also supported many issues in the betterment of India and played an active role in the Mission Protect India a social movement started in 2012. He got first glimpse of Anand from Spiritual Guide OSHO and his living inspirations are Sant Shri R. S. Dhaka ji, Mahamandleshwar Shri Akhileshwarananand Giri Ji Maharaj & Astrologer Mohammed Afaq Khan Sahib. Now LAO is a group of people whose main motto is to play responsible role in sharing happiness with each unit of India from individual, families to Private Bodies as well as Govt. bodies at several platforms such as School, Educational & Health Institutes, Private Companies, Public Undertaking Sectors, Ministries, Police & Forces too. LAO’s knowledge bank is based upon natural principles of Cosmic Energy, Scientific application of Mind and Spiritual Experience & Guidance given by Enlightened Souls and inspiring personalities.

LAO’s programs

LAO shows the way to bridge the gap between how you are currently living and how you want to live. LAO provides mental programming based on awareness and understanding of physical, mental and financial areas of your life; it will help in adapting to changes & challenges.

For Group

  • Happiness Is Our Right
  • Human Resource Development in Organization
    • Relationship Building Between Employer & Employee
    • Relationship Building Among Colleagues
    • No Target Theory For Employees
    • Procrastination Is Most Dangerous For Individual
  • Neuro-linguistic Program
  • Are You Ready to Be Parent
  • Parenting Program
    • Competition As Inspiration
    • Comparison As Poison
    • Confidence Building Towards Parents
    • Possessiveness A Hurdle To Growth
    • Small Gain Big Pain
    • Know Your Kid
    • Sharing Is Strength
    • Sports An Essentiality
    • Be Gardener Not God
    • Be First Friend
    • Parent’s Aura & it’s Effect On Kid
    • Respect Is To Earn Not To Learn
  • Let’s Know Our Mind
  • Memory Enhancement Program for Kids- Mid Brain, Meditation.
  • Effective & Corrective Education
  • My Role My Career My hobby
  • Relationship is Responsibility
  • Marriage is An Association
  • Assessment Of Life- A Beginning of New Life
  • Life After Retirement

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For Individual/Family

  • Sadness to Happiness
  • Know Yourself
  • Know Your Staff (For Organization only)
  • Improve Your Learning
  • Pre- Marriage Counseling
  • Pre- Marriage Compatibility Test of Couple
  • Post- Marriage Counseling
  • Counseling For Better Relationships
    • Between Two Families
    • Between Two individuals
    • Among Family Members
  • Help in Life Assessment
  • Know your Kid- Hidden Talent,Innate Evaluation, Learning Method, Personality’s traits etc

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